Memory of Two Worlds

The Albright Butchers

With the Perlisian Wolf still on their heels, the group of misfit adventurers are pressured into making quick decisions in which subterfuge must be sacrificed for haste. As promised Kelben gets access into the inner keep for the group, and Eire’s sense of direction leads them down towards the royal dungeon depths, where are heroes quickly earned their name as the Albright Butchers.

Not wanting to us Glamour within the inner keep for fear of being discovered by the king, Ra’Tulian was able to devise a way to pass his magic signature onto someone else, so it would seem as if the unsuspecting human and not he were using the Glamour. This discovery allowed her to use magic which greatly aided their assault on the jailhouse. Leading the assault was our fearless Shadow Guard who took a few blows but in the end they delivered much worse than they received. Kelben, perhaps not willing to kill his fellow humans, was shooting wild arrows that found their way into more walls then guards. The young Keelan, showed just how effective a staff can be in a sword fight. It was on the second floor down that are shadow guards ran into the warden, who was only capable of dealing one devastating hit to the Shadow guard Dorlan, before they were able to dispatch him through careful teamwork. It was here that they found a clearly masterfully made sword, a nice set of chainmail, and full face helm. The legend of zelda sword

The third floor led into a torture chamber, where the guards were easily dispatched. It was here that they found a man in a torture pit called Henry Freedo. He claimed to be after the same guy they cam for a man called Teriesias. They agreed to take Henry with them, because he claimed to be able to help them. It was on the next floor that he showed his true worth when the group stumbled upon stone juggernauts that swung with a vicious power. After a few rounds of the shadow guard and wizard holding back the juggernauts, they were expended of health and endurance, but it was then that Henry showed his true worth when he created an explosion that left the stone juggernaut in rubble.

With the last of the guards taken care of the adventurers finally reunited the Mil’hethinar stone with the memories owner, Teriesias. After the bloody and daring rescue, the adventurers made great haste from the city of Albright to the closest Fairy ring. It was while switching out to fresher horses, that Teriesias explained the situation of things, and only through careful negotiation were they able to convince him to go back to their world.



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