Title's, names, Language

For the most part the language of the Álfir can be translated easily into the human language, Bantanese. However there are a few things that can not be exactly translated so I will give their closest equivalents.

Prefixes: The Álfir use a number of prefixes to denote title or social standing much like we do with Sr. Mrs. Miss. Ms. Jr. Mr. etc…

Ra’ – is used to refer to an educated scholar or elder. Someone’s who wisdom/intelligence/life experiences you respect or should be respected

Le’ – is used to refer to female royalty

El’ – is used to refer to a male royalty

Nel’ – is used to refer to a outlaw, traitor, or criminal. It is derogatory (can be used to refer to someone you just don’t like)

Mil’ – Is used to refer to something that is ancient or someone that is ancient. Generally it is not used when referring to people but instead places, books, or other non-intelligent nouns. (However it has and can be used to refer to people).

Mei’ – is to refer to the fifth living generation of a family. Because the Álfir are undying it is quite common for their families to have 5 or 6 generations alive at one time. so they use prefixes for the last name to denote what living generation they come from. There are prefixes for up to 8 living generations (however it has only been important to me to create one so far).

I am not going to actually create a language however i will develop as I continue to write so this will change and be extended as we go. Its not really that important for the game, but its just FYI

Title's, names, Language

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