Fál and Nel’Traeth sister worlds connected through magic but existing in different realities. One is a world of magic and the immortal Álfir the other is a world named after the traitors who fled there and put themselves in positions of godhood through the untapped magic. Humans the subjects of the gods are unable to tap into the magic as it does not run through their blood as it does the for the Álfir. Our adventure begins when these two worlds collide and draws an unlikely group of confused humans and Álfir into the greatest conflict since the splitting off of the two worlds.

Players Note: I gave you guys characters based on how I thought you guys would best fit the character. However I don’t expect you to play the character in any certain way because that would take away your freedom. I have merely given you a back story and reasons for your motivations, aside from that play the character as you wish, there is no right or wrong way to play the character.

In addition conflicts between characters may come up as you discover each others secrets or as the game goes along you might discover new secrets that must be kept form the group. This is something that we will have to deal with, it will add a great deal of intrigue into the game that can help give me new ideas.

Memory of Two Worlds

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